August 29, 2013

Pertama Setelah Setahun Lebih

Assalamualaikum peeps...

Harap ada la yang jawab salam ni memandangkan dah nearly two years I left this blog without notice. Not like anyone cares pun kan.  Ni pun tak tau tetiba boleh pulak terfikir nak post malam ni.

Btw, I've just finished my degree in UITM Jengka after two years of struggling with not so hard work but I admit the final year was a disaster ! Imagine I wasn't really a bright student. I'm a little bit slow unless it involves Kyumin. Ehem okay forget about that! Final year in degree spells horror, hard work and sleepless night.

Research project or people call it thesis is a monstrous nightmare to me. I didn't even have an idea when we were instructed to do the proposal in part 5.  Really...when your supervisor wasn't very supportive and everything was on your own.

I knew that degree students had to find their own solution since we were expected to do that but seriously when you met with the dead end you need a guidance and the so-called supervisor kept on telling us...

"think more..."

"what do you think is the problem.."

It was kinda sick and annoying when the same questions being asked.  It wasn't like we didn't tell her where we were stuck at.  Frankly I didn't even know what she had guide us. Yes, I blamed her and my slow mind.

But past is past and now I've already finished with my degree and waiting for convocation on November, insyaAllah.  I don't think I will come this time for degree.

Till then, that's all I want to rant about.

Setahun lebih tak update tetiba membebel.  Sorry !

Poopaye !

2 horlicks ais:

Eja Razif said...[Reply to comment]

Well done my dear, because u are accomplished your degree!

Amanie Khairunnisa said...[Reply to comment]

@Eja Razif haha ade jugak org komen kat blog sendu aku ni lol

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