October 2, 2011

Ini Betul-Betul Kejadian!

Dia ada seorang kawan baik.  Mungkin bagi dia.  Tidak bagi kawannya.

8 tahun membesarkan mereka

Both have no boyfriends until one day

That friend changed.  Not physically.

Just because one man.

That friend has the will to break the relation with her just because of that man

"If you want to go home, you can go by your own.  He will fetch me."

Sure !  That friend will said "No problem.  I can go by my own."

Dia tahu.  Kalau disuruh buat pilihan dah sah-sah dia tak kan terpilih jadi buat apa dia minta pilihan.

Sakit.  Pendam perasaan bukan benda mudah.

Why people changed when they have boyfriends?

Why is that friend rather to see her in pain but not the boyfriend?

Where's she go wrong?  Because she doesn't have boyfriends?

Clueless.  Hopeless.

That's why she hated the term 'boyfriend.'

Love is just a word.  For people with fantasy.

The reality...Love and boyfriend are virus which will cause a friendship broken.

She doesn't need to have a boyfriend.


Ni betul-betul kejadian.  Bukan aku memain tau =)

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