November 26, 2010

jejak kasih setelah 8 tahun

Peringatan : percubaan pertama menggunakan bahasa Inggeris dalam entry. kalau ada kesalahan dalam grammar atau susunan ayat please do not hesitate untuk betulkan. terima kasih.

today, nothing much i wanted to update on my blog. just wanna share some of experience for today. it has been 8 years since i've lost contact with my friends in primary school. haha so what do u know. i got a date with one of my friend named Wardah. i used to be a close friend to her. so since it has been 8 years we didn't meet each other, i've been kinda wondering. will she be shy or gila2 or will it be me who will act that way. gosh ! but somehow i didn't feel nervous-shy-palpitation syndrome in my gene. hurm after she arrived, we just started to chat like we already met in the school the day before. wardah is still the same. already increasing her height but still cannot beat me ! the super senpai ! 

can you guys see the obviously difference in height there ? *evil laugh

haha oke2 cut the super part. still like the old wardah. but i could sensed a bit difference. so true. everybody grows up along with time. haha quite of jejak kasih and nostalgic actually. the activities for today was watching the movie : Rapunzel, some kind of singing, taking pictures here and there and that's it ! a bit of frustrated coz i didn't get the chance to play bowling. urgh ! i lost my opportunities to show my specialty which is strike without a pin downs. shessh ! sappy ain't it ? but anyway i enjoy it very well today. and all thanks to facebook because jejak kasih is successfully done by me meeting with this budak pendek.

end of story.

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