August 11, 2011

Tak Cari Bintang

My blog ain't that great.

My blog doesn't have million of followers.

My blog ain't that informational.

My blog is not a place to show anger.

My blog is not a place where I always story what I did everyday.

My blog isn't a place to dig a money though I put nuffnang there :p

I'm not searching for a star to shine me.

I'm just a writer.  Not a celebrity.

My blog is just my blog.

Totally not like 100% diary where people express about their feelings.

You won't find anything special here.

Just a place where I'm typing what I feel and see around me.

And yeah a place where I share my interest to Hlovate :)

2 horlicks ais:

cucu umie said...[Reply to comment]

kalo adlh tmpt ayie berkongsi apa yg baik..incya-Alalh

Diera Tekikushika said...[Reply to comment]


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