January 27, 2011

Gurindam Jiwa

The song is full with memories..
Love is everywhere
For whom is seeking
For whom is receiving..

So here it is. Schubert’s Serenade in Gurindam Jiwa. The story is about Ju’a and abang Shah. A step brother and a step sister. One is like mat rempit-seluar koyak-RXZ and one is like muka masam-jeruk maman. Let say that the first met is not a really good met for them.  But things turn to go opposite when lastly they become very close with each other. Violin and piano.

For me this story really touches my heart. I was crying over a bucket. Overwhelmed by this story. Abang Shah is really different from other characters in H’s novels because all of them are happy ending but Schubert’s Serenade is different. The core of this story is how we want to live on after we lost the person we love most. Of course abang Shah’s death brings a great impact towards Ju’a. But life has to move on and that’s how it goes until one day all of us will meet together again in the hereafter, insyaAllah.

Still this story is great and sad. More and more sad than cerita Hindustan or whatsoever.

One quote from abang Shah

"kadang-kadang kita boleh nampak beauty in tragedy"

and yeah aku memang suka cerita pasal Hlovate dalam blog aku :)

6 horlicks ais:

zaty luvlianncezzz said...[Reply to comment]

suke jugak hlovate



Amanie Ashraff said...[Reply to comment]

wow akhirnye ade jugak bloggers suka H :)

Alisya said...[Reply to comment]

alisya suka hlovate jugak...betul, dlm byk2 novel hlovate, yg ni sedih sikit..bukan, sedih byk..huhu..teringin sgt nk knl dgn hlovate ni..misteri sungguh..

Amanie Ashraff said...[Reply to comment]

hee sedih smpai 1 tahap nk baca gurindam jiwa nmpk jek nama abg shah terus tutup balik. x sanggup nk baca

fatin hanani said...[Reply to comment]

Am ajar fatin english hehe
ftin lemah la :(

Amanie Ashraff said...[Reply to comment]

@ fatin hanani huhu boleh tade hal sket2 tu bole la. tp pape pun english nie kite kena faham konsep die dulu. kalau dah faham english lg senang sebenarnye dari bm

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