April 16, 2011

Hlovate : aA + bB

Okay people.  Time to review Hlovate's novel again for million times.  Gosh this will be the most exciting novel to review about.  I will review about aA + bB.  The novel revolves about one couple.  Kepala ferum and kepala aluminium.  Addin Shah and Benz Alif.  Know each other since secondary school.  Not a good kick-start for them to cope the life as a husband and wife since they are mortal enemies when they were in school.  But nobody knows even themselves that they share the same feelings.  But because of the gigantic word of EGO, they deny their own feelings.  But yeah at last they are happy together with their son, Falah.  But some the people comment that they didn't get the idea when Addin is pregnant since no climax or whatsoever they wish to call it.  Aiyoo let me tell you la I think the reason why Hlovate did not cerita clearly when that 'thing' happens between both of them.  This is Hlovate and this romance thingy is not her thing.  I have no comment towards this novel and her other novels.  All of them are awesome.  Suits us as a teenager.  No need to cerita about how they make the baby or how come Addin can get pregnant.  Just enjoy the core of her story.  Growing up through times.  You can read the title of the novel.  So symbolic.  Here I recommend you guys to read her novels.  I know I've mentioned that 118 times but I looooooooove to mention it another 118 times.  Till then.

Who says there's nothing more complicated than E=mc2?  There's something much more complicated.  It's called emotion.

May ALLAH bless :)

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Inche Love said...[Reply to comment]

sejujurnya aku x berapa gemar cer ni berbanding yang lain. :P

germany got it love dah siap. nanti aq post kat belog 2 ok!

zaty luvlianncezzz said...[Reply to comment]

Need ur help..perlu pandangan seriussss---->
my 1st cerpen

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