April 19, 2011

Memo pemberitahuan!

Salam peeps!

This is just one tiny information for you guys.  After this, I won't be posting my entry regarding cerita-novel-cerpen in this blog.  I'll move to my new teratak.  You can visit us there to know the story about budak sepet, Nick and Hafiz and not to forget Hana.

Thank you.

4 horlicks ais:

Misz Ayu said...[Reply to comment]


shahjiehan said...[Reply to comment]

o0o0o tukar ehhhhhh! sbb tkut kene mrh ngan google ke

Amanie Ashraff said...[Reply to comment]

@Misz Ayu jalan tutup la =)

Amanie Ashraff said...[Reply to comment]

@shahjiehan ahahaha manaaa. neh khas utk berkarya jek :p

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