February 18, 2011

Rooftop Rant

This time, I would like to review about novel. Again. And again about H' novels. Do mind I'm her among gila-banyak fans :)

Rooftop Rant. That's the title. About Trisy and Jade. Before this, I've already updated about Gurindam Jiwa by Hlovate also. This story revolves about Trisy and Jade's life. How people can change. And it's worth to change though it will cost you blood and tears. Trisy is a rebellious girl and yet she is anti-soc. Different from Jade who is more cool. Both of them shared their problems and rant at the rooftop. That's why the title named like that. Same boat but different cabin. Maybe you can't really get what it means. You should really buy this novel and read it. Seriously it is not a romance novel but it is worth to read. It is the reality of life when sometimes family is like strangers and strangers are like family. Aha and one quote from Jade.

"Live well or live hell, we choose."

Soothe me anytime. How I really wish I have my own Jade to be my wonderwall :)

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